Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will incorporating my business protect my personal assets?
Answer: Incorporating will give protection against personal assets by limiting liability. Usually financial institutions require a personal guarantee from the shareholder(s) of a small business. Limited liability does not extend to GST and payroll remittances. Directors may be liable for withholding taxes.

Question: My business is doing great and I'm making more money than I need. Should I incorporate?
Answer: Incorporating your business gives shareholders more options for income distribution. The income tax rate for small business corporations is lower than the individual shareholders. If your corporation is Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC), it will be eligible for small business deduction.

Question: How much does it cost to incorporate a business?
 Incorporation usually costs $450 to $600 and  we provide the followings:


 Drafting the Articles of Incorporation


 Name search


 Tax advice regarding incorporation etc

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